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Welcome: Purpose & Preview

March 25, 2010

Welcome to Far Sight, my new (and first) blog! Like thousands before me, I am a World of Warcraft player who has decided to write some things online.

About Me

Briefly, I am Psychology graduate currently working in healthcare research who happens to play WoW. My main is an Alliance-side Restoration Shaman,  though I have several alts of varying classes and races across both factions. Currently I am rather smitten with Gnomes. I take a pretty casual approach to my play time, raiding only on occasion. Some of my favorite WoW activities are  healing, PvP, and fishing.

My Intent: Why did you do that?

Surprisingly often, people do not truly understand why they think and behave in a certain way. Our motivations aren’t as intuitive as we might like to believe. In this blog I hope to explore the “why” of how we think about the game and we act within it. I’ll provide a few ‘teaser’ topics below, issues that I hope to explore in the blog. I may occasionally touch on other topics, such as the Shaman class , healing or other observations. It is my hope that this blog will be educational as well as entertaining. To those who read it, I hope that it forces you to examine how you play and think in a critical way, and improve as a result. As much as possible, I will cite actual  psychological research and theories when discussing these issues.

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

My greatest desire is to write a series of posts entitled “Do you really enjoy playing WoW?”. These will exposure the fundamental structure of the game, with a heavy focus on the in-game rewards system, and incorporate Psychological research to examine why we play and what we enjoy. You may find that you don’t actually enjoy playing as much as you think!

Some other potential topics, in no particular order:

Need for Speed: In the World of Warcraft, faster is better. Why?

Why balancing “real life” and WoW can be hard

Attack of the Trolls! Or, how does anonymity affect how you treat others?

Elitism, E-ego, exclusive items and game difficulty

A Note About the Name

Finally, I named this blog “Far Sight” for two reasons. One, because I hope to ‘look farther’ into WoW’s inner workings than the average person. Secondly, it is also the name of a rather neat Shaman ability, the Shaman being my preferred class. If anyone has a topic that they would like explored, please feel free to let me know! Chances are  I’d be happy to read and write about it.